All persons entering the facility will need to have a liability waiver on file before participating in yoga classes

Class Descriptions

Root to Rise: Start your day with intention. This is an early morning class crafted to bring participants into the day feeling grounded. Expect to start slowly and quietly, moving into the practice with increasing intensity to cultivate energy for the day.

Energizing Flow: Experience the refreshing rewards of a Vinyasa flow class. This multilevel morning practice is “challenge by choice,” offering opportunity to modify poses and intensity to fit your body’s needs in the moment. Expect the invitation to consistently move with the breath as you flow through the sequences.

A Strong Foundation: This class is slower-paced and intended to set up newer yogis with a strong foundation. Form and alignment are important considerations in order to get the most out of your practice, as well as to avoid potential injury. Even the most experienced yogi must keep these in mind, and the slightest nuance can make a world of difference.

Yoga for Climbers: Balance. Strength. Flexibility. Breath. Yoga complements climbing beautifully—whether approached as well-rounded training or a necessary element of personal health. A consistent yoga practice can cultivate mental focus in moments of chaos, and can aid in heightened awareness.

Noon Flow Class: Take a moment in your day for self-care. This hour-long class is designed for folks to re-energize before taking on the afternoon. Offered over lunch, it provides the busy yogi an opportunity to practice. Movement paired with the breath allows for a person to get out of the mind and into the body, helping to tune into the present moment. Revitalize for longevity!

Evening Restorative: Wind down with a practice that invites depth and grounding. All levels encouraged. We have blocks and bolsters.

Yoga Schedule


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Mon - Sat:  9am - 8pm