Team Gripstone

Adult Teams  are soon to come.  These will be designed for climbers 20 years old and above

GRIPSTONE’S own climbing team for older kids and adults will focus on serious technical climbing improvement and training for all aspects of indoor climbing and competitions. Participation in competitions is optional.

Team Gripstone will meet Tues. and Thurs. from 4:30 pm to 6:30pm.

Team Gripstone only cost: $258 plus tax for each 3 month period starting at the first of each month. This includes access to both Tuesday and Thursday team practices for the entire month. Participation on both practice days is encouraged but not required. Each team member must participate in at least 4 practices a month to remain on the team.

Membership/Team Combinations cost:

The 3 months of Team Gripstone can be added to any length prepaid membership 3 months or more in length for only $243 plus tax.

EFT membership/Team Gripstone Combination cost:

$86 plus tax monthly add-on to your monthly EFT cost. A minimum of 3 months commitment required to sign up. (If you cancel your Team Gripstone add-on before the first 3 months have passed, your Team Gripstone EFT add-on will be discontinued after the 3rd months charge).